Underlay / Insulation

Underlay / Insulation

Heavy Duty Felt Underlay

Underfelt Insulation

Large Pieces
920mm x 1750mm approx.

Complete your moulded carpet installation
Replace your rotten or missing underfelt

One low delivery price for anywhere in Australia

  • Very flexible which allows easy bending to floor shapes
  • 920mm x 1750mm approx.- Total approx. 1.61 sq. metres
  • Enough for front and / or rear carpet installation
  • Suits cars trucks, vans, campers, bus conversion etc
  • Easily cut to any size
  • One roll is enough to do either the front or rear carpeted area of most vehicles, For front and rear coverage you need two rolls

1 Roll $25 plus P&H

2 Rolls $39 plus P&H

Premium Underlay

Premium Underlay
Premium Underlay

Available in two sizes

400 x 1600 approx
900 x 1600 approx

1350×1600 approx

  • Far superior noise reduction qualities than ordinary felts.
  • Two layers of sound absorbing underlay separated by a noise barrier of mass loaded vinyl (MLV).
  • We do not use bitumen (banned in Australian made vehicles) or butyl. MLV is a synthetic
  • Uses: Cabin side of firewall, under floor carpet/vinyl, boot areas and more.
  • Doesn’t give off offensive odours
  • Suits cars trucks,vans, campers, bus conversion etc
  • Easily cut to any size.

400 x 1600 $22 plus P&H

900 x 1600 $55 plus P&H

1350 x 1600 $75 plus P&H