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Dear Geoff,
I have been restoring American cars for the past 20 years.  I have used both dynamat and more recently Resomat and have found Resomat to be just as effective in stopping heat and noise as dynamite but with the advantage of it being more cost effective.  I recently used Resomat in a 1968 Ford Galaxy Fast Back and found it made a huge difference to both heat and noise when applied to the inside of the fire wall and transmission tunnel.  Thank you to Tru-fit for making this product available in Australia.
Kind Regards
Stephen Hobbs

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Hi Geoff,

Thank you for the chat on Saturday, I almost got the floor of the Hot Rod completed!
As we discussed, please see attached a couple of pictures of the Resomat on the floor.

I am happy to say;
“Thanks Geoff for your friendly service and the Resomat works great, with a little time, a knife and a heat gun, the results are fantastic”.

This is the floor of my 1935 Plymouth Hot Rod. I hope the Pics came out OK as it is hard to get a good shot of the whole floor.

Please let me know if these shots come through OK. If you want some staged shots of the car as I fit the under felt and the carpet (all from Tru-Fit) I am happy to send some in.

Also two photos of a

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