Resomat – Full Fitting Instructions

Full Interior Sound Deadening & Carpet Fitting

Before complete fitment Please Note:

In order to cater for the multitude of models, seat options, styles, modifications and to just plain ensure the very best fit we DO NOT cut holes at time of manufacture – these are cut by the installer, in the installation process.

This includes those for shifters, seatbelts, seats, sill plates, console mounting brackets and any similar items.

The carpets and vinyls are also made long on the sides to ensure correct fitment at the sills and they are trimmed as you go.

Likewise some cars will require cutting around the centre dash area to go around air-conditioners and other items. (e.g. a base model will have a less complicated and often smaller dash than the premium model.)

Finally carpets and vinyls are made to fit empty cars and usually fitted very early in a cabin fit-out, you are about to fit them to a completed car, thus sometimes it is easier to make a little slit than take out a full HVAC system for instance.

Fitment Provided by Ausclassics…

At Ausclassics we recently decided to make the work ute a little better and use all of the
Tru-Fit products in the process to make the cabin of the ute a nicer place to travel.

Originally fitted with a bench seat, vinyl
flooring and not very much deadener.
Firstly remove the seats, belts and all
fittings covering or securing the carpet.
Then with the ute we also removed the rear wall and
shelf carpet, note no sound deadening at all!

Next we cleaned everything, using the opportunity to
clean all the interior, we actually started with the Karcher!
Next we covered the interior with Resomat,
using the hammer head and a small roller to press it into all the nooks
and crannies. We cut holes for seats and other fittings as we went and
covered all the rear wall, eliminating nasty drumming from this mostly
unsupported panel.

The Resomat was worked in and onto everywhere
we could reach. Right up the firewall and onto all of the side panels
Next we covered all of the floor and the rear wall
with heavy  bitumen underlay.
The carpet was then laid loosely into the car, working
from rear to front and centre to side.
Again this extended to the rear wall and shelf for
both looks and to make it quieter. Seatbelts were replaced next.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger images.
Rather than cutting large holes Philips screwdrivers
are pushed through to find and then enlarge holes.
All the sill plates and other fittings are reinstalled,
then the seats.
A very pleasing result
and the effect of all the quality products is a ute that is now comfortable
to travel in. Especially with the sound deadening and anti drum effects
of the Resomat.

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