Custom Fit Car Mats


Custom Fit Car Floor Mats for all Popular Models

Tru-Fit custom-made mats are manufactured from high quality Australian-made automotive carpet. They are custom-cut to fit your vehicle perfectly and are available in any of the colours listed below. A heel-mat is included on the driver’s-side mat. (Please advise when ordering if you do not want a driver’s side heel mat).

The unique patented non-slip backing ensures the mats don’t slide or creep forward or sideways like foam-backed or rubber-crumb backed mats do. Foam-backed mats usually wear poorly. Also our unique backing won’t damage or leave impressions in your vehicle’s carpet like nibbed(spiked)-backed mats so often do. Clips/fasteners are not required with Tru-Fit mats.

When ordering, please advise which colour you require.

Colours Available:
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Custom Car Mats Model Range:

If your models not listed please see our PDF, or call us for more information (03 97922333)

Makes D, E F,
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